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It is your responsibility to set your DMV hearing within 10 days of the arrest. If you do not request a hearing within 10 days, your license will automatically be suspended 30 days after your arrest.

Consequences of losing a DUI conviction

DMV Hearing


El Dorado County’s Best DUI Defense

We negotiate for a dismissal, reduced charges, reduced fines, and minimum penalties.  We defend you with science and know more about the procedures, testing equipment and legal issues related to alcohol and drug DUI cases than most attorneys, police and state experts.

Experienced and Aggressive Representation

We have successfully represented El Dorado County residents arrested for alcohol and drug DUI’s including many professionals, business people, commercial drivers, and medical professionals.  We have obtained acquittals, dismissals and reduction of DUI charges and have had DMV suspensions set aside. We know how to beat the DMV.  Whether it’s negotiating a plea deal or defending you at trial, we have the expertise to represent you.

We Know the El Dorado County Court System

Hiring us will save you time, stress, and will result in the best possible outcome in your case.  We are experienced El Dorado County DUI attorneys that know the court system, judges, and district attorneys.  We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases, you won’t find more experienced DUI attorneys to handle your case.

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Why We're The Best Choice

Superior Customer Service

We have full time office staff and a live person answering your phone calls. Every client gets the attorney’s personal email and cell phone number, so they can always reach an attorney 24/7, 365. Our client portal allows you to log into our system at any time to view case status, attorney notes, upcoming court dates, and your entire case file. Our reviews speak for themselves. No law firm beats our customer service

DUI Defense Experts

No attorney in El Dorado County can match our qualifications and expertise. We train other attorneys in DUI defense law, science, and trial practice. We are breath testing experts and own all the breath testing machines used in El Dorado County. We are blood testing experts having graduated from the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) forensic alcohol blood testing course. We are field sobriety test instructors having completed the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) DWI Detection and SFST Instructor training program. We are drug DUI experts having graduated from the National Highway Safety Administration Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) overview training program.

5* Reviews

Our clients love working with us and always get the best possible result for their claim. Read some of the reviews below!

What Our Clients Think

Getting a DUI is overwhelming. With all the attorneys competing for your business, it’s hard to know who to choose. Without a doubt, Roland Tiemann was the right choice. He’s an expert in DUI defense, down to earth, and really values his clients. He has a great team. They’re all friendly and knowledgeable. Not once was I let hanging. He kept me out of court with strong representation and saved my job! You will not be disappointed. Thanks Mr. Tiemann and staff!!
Not a doubt in my mind picking this law firm was the best thing I ever did. And for that I have to thank them for not only not getting jail time, but for still having my job. I hope I never need them again but if I do, these guys are who I am going to use. Thank you so much.
Captain Michael
El Dorado Hills

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